T5 Group Consistency Application Training & Support Services

The potential for transformational efficiency and ROI through the intelligent application of KPM's products can create huge savings in material, chemicals, and energy - while also increasing production and improving quality. The only obstacle to unlocking this potential has been having the expertise needed to properly apply these products. T5 Group has now packaged all the resources needed to make consistency control and sheet break detection a turnkey addition for any mill - services such as: 


Start-Up Services - Includes classroom orientation on specific device, assistance with calibration, sample system review, wiring / PLC, and more. Installation by mill personnel; T5 Group directs and advises.

Troubleshooting Services - Includes equipment audit, placement review, sampling, loop tuning, calibration issues, calibration overview.

Placement Services - Includes application review, site walkdown, instrument type recommendation, & KPM factory placement review.

Product Technical Training - Includes device overview, hardware review, seal changes, menu, calibration, sample testing, & wiring / PLC. (Includes Certificate of Completion).

Consistency Applications Training - Includes consistency overview, meter types, application locations, ROI, best practices, world-class consistency program, sampling, & calibration. (Includes Certificate of Completion).



KPM Process Measurement Products Overview (pdf)


T5 Group Consistency Application Training & Support Services (pdf)