Paper manufacturing requires machines to operate in hot, wet, dry, or chemically challenging environments. Because of this, vibration analysis hardware is required to help prevent paper breaks, misguided felts, fires, and other failures that can impact uptime.


Industrial accelerometers for machine condition monitoring and preventative maintenance applications are designed to meet the specific demands of the paper industry.



CTC cables are assembled to meet rigorous standards for low noise, high machine strength, and resistance to harsh environments. These twisted and shielded cables can be easily installed into a junction box or monitoring system for the highest level of vibration monitoring.


Junction Boxes

Implementing junction boxes can increase your safety and efficiency exponentially. Sensors can be wired from the equipment to the junction box for the transition of data to mobile vibration monitoring systems—and can be integrated into the DMSI MAINtelligence™. Junction boxes can be used for cable reduction or for switched outputs during manual route data collection.


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