DMSI (Design Maintenance Systems Inc.) was formed in 1986 to support practitioners in the predictive maintenance field. DMSI's product development division was created to provide innovative tools to reduce the effort involved in collecting and administering data for predictive maintenance. A series of development projects produced successful software products for vibration analysis, oil analysis, and maintenance management.


 Inspired by the success of these products, DMSI undertook to develop the world’s first reliability-driven integrated maintenance system. This set of hardware and software products provides the tools for asset basic care inspections, operator driven reliability, lubrication management, condition based maintenance, maintenance scheduling, asset management and full diagnostics.

The MAINTelligence Reliability System has been proven with manufacturers of all sizes and many industries.




MAINTelligence combines comprehensive mobile asset health inspections, integrated condition monitoring, powerful AI-based diagnostics and asset management to form the world’s most complete APM solution. 

We also offer the industry’s most proven, data-driven solution to reduce the risk of equipment failure along with lower maintenance and operating costs for a more positive bottom line.

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World-Class Partners and Suppliers

 DMSI is focused on the development of maintenance software that incorporates integrated reliability technology from multiple sources. Our goal is to help our customers utilize their existing reliability technologies in a manner that works best for them. Thus, we work with both our customers and other suppliers to enable data sharing between our products and other manufacturers.