Enterprise Asset Performance Management System (EAPMS)


Maximizing Asset Utilization

MAINTelligence utilizes a customized, multi-tiered approach to asset management, maintenance scheduling, and all condition-based maintenance technologies. Rooted in asset management, our advanced applications are tailored for equipment health assessment for a completely integrated and automated equipment reliability system.


Condition Monitoring System (CMS)

MAINTelligence is the only system you need to build a comprehensive machine condition based maintenance program. Vibration analysis, lubricant analysis, thermography, ultrasonic analysis, motor monitoring. It’s all here. Data access interfaces are available for a wide variety of instruments, laboratories and systems.


Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

A Reliability Focused CMMS MAINTelligence creates a framework that incorporates the CMMS aspects of collecting costs and allocating resources with a focus on reliability. Thus, MAINTelligence is the ultimate management tool for predictive and inspection based maintenance data, along with standard corrective and preventive maintenance work orders.

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 ​DMSI's MAINTelligence Reliability System is built on a history of over 30 years of maintenance management software expertise. With customers all over the world, many of them Fortune 500 companies, DMSI has innovated and helped chart the course of maintenance and reliability management for over 25 industrial markets, including Pulp/Paper, Mining, Automotive, Major Utilities, Oil/Gas, Aerospace, and more. 



 T5 Group has  established a position as an implementation specialist, assisting our clients with complete database creation, customization, and training. We have developed the expertise, processes, and staff needed to customize and implement the MAINTelligence reliability system for organizations of all sizes and needs. Check out the brochures below for more info! 



What does implementation mean? It means getting the results from your reliability initiatives sooner. It means having the experience of Reliability veterans at your side to ensure the program meets your objectives, and isn't sidelined by the pitfalls that can slow or subvert your efforts. It means more time to fine-tune the process, with less time on fixing problems. Implementation means you get what you want, sooner than you expect, with the peace of mind that comes from seeing all the pieces of the puzzle coming together.

Typically, our clients' engage us for a 12 month Implementation Program, though some situations may be better suited to an alternative program. Simply contact us to discuss your goals, your timeline, and what challenges you are facing. We will be happy to design a custom Implementation solution tailor-fit for your organization.


 We have applied this core competence to implementation of other reliability technologies, like PdMA motor testers. Our ultimate goal in any project is always kept in sight: keeping our clients' profits up and downtime out. 


MAINTelligence Implementation (pdf)