With FLIR camera and imaging technology, you can identify problems and issues before failures occur.

Customers are demanding higher and higher quality and faster delivery times, which means pulp and paper manufacturers can’t afford unforeseen delays caused by equipment failure. With FLIR infrared inspections for predictive maintenance and process monitoring, productivity can be maximized and product quality can be maintained.

FLIR cameras are at the core of predictive and preventative maintenance programs and can be used to inspect electrical systems, motors and mechanical equipment, and liquid levels in boilers. FLIR represents the most advanced infrared cameras to support monitoring infrastructure in pulp and paper mills today. Lightweight and rugged, they have interchangeable lenses and a diverse line of accessories to accommodate any and every need or situation.

When working hand-in-hand with our MAINtelligence™, you’ll have access to a data-informed solution to reduce the risk of equipment failure, lower maintenance costs, and keep operating costs in check.

At T5 Group, we’re able to deliver products to you that are the most progressive solutions in the field today—and we will help you implement them for seamless employee adoption.

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