The Pi System

For over 35 years, the PI System has delivered an enterprise scalable data infrastructure which is now deployed in over 17,000 sites globally. Embracing an infrastructure strategy for enterprise-wide sensor-based data offers many benefits including:

Simplified Access to Information: The PI System creates a common data foundation that scales to an enterprise level and combines disparate data sources into one complete source of information accessible to everyone that needs it.

Increased Situational Awareness: Dynamic monitoring enables rapid responses, especially in the most critical areas -  such as asset-based calculations that automatically monitor operations and identify faults, process inefficiencies, and underperformance. 

Empowered Users: The PI System includes customization tools that empower users to build their own targeted displays and reports using easy-to-configure tools. 

Information in Context: The infrastructure incorporates an asset modeling system to make it easy for users to see and understand data within the larger context of total operations.

Reduced IT Complexity and Cost: Deploying a common software system between automation systems and enterprise business applications simplifies the integration of applicable systems - becoming more sustainable and reducing costs.

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OSIsoft PI and MAINTelligence Integration

 OSIsoft's PI System can also be fully integrated with MAINTelligence - streamlining and automating the MAINTelligence system to take even more off your shoulders. The PI System is one of the most comprehensive options for automation, making seamless, automated data exchange accessible to everyone. The PI System has demonstrated its capabilities to effortlessly collect and connect information from assets, people, and processes throughout the enterprise - so putting that power to work in automating MAINTelligence just makes everything easier!  

T5 Group Support Services

T5 Group also offers our process, training, and implementation capabilities for all PI System needs as well. Simply contact us at 800.883.1063 or at to discuss your PI System needs and receive a quote on any T5 Group PI Project & Support Services!