World Leader in the Removal of Gases, Odors, & Vapors

PureAir Filtration excels in eliminating corrosive gases, toxic vapors, and unpleasant odors from airstreams, offering a comprehensive range of manufactured equipment and chemisorbant media.

We specialize in tailoring gas phase filtration dry scrubbers, chemisorbant media, and testing and monitoring tools through custom engineering, offering customers a comprehensive solution for their specific odor control requirements. Our gas-phase filtration products have proven effectiveness in various applications, including:

  • Provide corrosion control for sensitive electronics at industrial sites
  • Purify the air to preserve priceless art and historical documents
  • Protect staff and the surrounding community from toxic gas leaks
  • Improve air quality by removing nuisance odors and pollutants
  • Remove odorous gases produced during the Biogas process

PureAir, a family-owned owned and operated company, boasts over two decades of industry experience in the development of odor control technologies and equipment. Having successfully implemented solutions across North America and worldwide, we’ve earned the trust of customers in delivering and maintaining highly effective filtration systems. Our products are proudly manufactured in the United States, enabling us to meticulously oversee every aspect of the production process from inception to completion.

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PureAir enjoys providing gas-phase filtration solutions to large and small companies, municipalities, and utilities, across multiple industries worldwide. Some of our notable customers include: