ABB helps pulp and paper mills successfully and accurately monitor their equipment status. With reliable break detection, plant managers can know the health of their paper equipment at any moment. The benefits of ABB for the pulp and paper industry are clear: Accurate consistency control, which ultimately benefits your bottom line.

Consistency Control

The KPM consistency transmitters manage and control consistency through a comprehensive product range. Whether it’s rotary, blade, microwave, or optical, KPM offers the best selection for each application. KPM will help you save on fiber, energy, and chemical costs, while positively impacting efficiency and quality.


High-Performance Sampling

For screened and unscreened applications, ABB gives you access to the most cost-effective, durable, and versatile sample valves for all applications.

Break Detection

When a sheet breaks, you want to know about it now rather than later. We are able to offer a fiber-optic sheet break detector that reliably reports breakage even in the trickiest of environments where space is limited, visibility is low, and temperatures are high.


Consistency Control Audits

Our consistency control audits keep these systems in check, from chest to discharge. The audits will assess stock chest, dilution, pumps, sensors, and sampling, and will end with a detailed and comprehensive report detailing loop status and short- and long-term recommendations.

With T5 Group, you always have the support and expertise of our team, even after your foundational system has been implemented.

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