T5 Group will integrate your plant’s activities so that we can evaluate your methods and establish an action plan that optimizes your workflow. We can offer a wide variety of services that constantly evolve right alongside the industry. We will work with your team to establish and manage preventative, predictive, corrective, and detective maintenance.

Our services include:

  • Features
  • Maintenance practice audits
  • Business processes
  • Shutdown optimization and management
  • Technical documentation
  • Preventative maintenance program optimization
  • Work procedures and safety plans
  • Best practice training
  • Reliability, planning, and scheduling training
  • Assistance with employee adoption
  • In short, we do the IT work and digitizing of older plants and modernize them with newer technology practices and reliability management.

    T5 Group also offers consistency audits where one of our industry professionals will complete a full audit of your consistency equipment.

    This service includes:

  • Features
  • Start up service
  • Reliability and maintenance agreements
  • Consistency system audits
  • Training
  • Custom consulting
  • Our consistency control audits keep these systems in check, from chest to discharge. The audits will assess stock chest, dilution, pumps, sensors, and sampling, and will end with a detailed and comprehensive report detailing loop status and short- and long-term recommendations.

    With T5 Group, you always have the support and expertise of our team, even after your foundational system has been implemented.

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