UE Systems provide the right inspection instruments, the right training, the right software, and continuous support to assist with predictive maintenance and reliability practices. This ultrasound technology, when utilized in an inspection program, can:

  • Bring significant cost savings by finding leaks and steam traps
  • Reduce downtime by monitoring the condition of equipment
  • Improve safety by detecting discharge during electrical inspections

With ultrasound technology, all inspections can happen at a distance, safely and efficiently.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Using the piercingly accurate characteristics of ultrasound, it’s fast and easy to locate leaks. Ultrasound inspections work by taking advantage of the directionality of sound waves, making locating the source simple. This technology also factors in intensity of the signal and fixed frequency, to determine the scope of the leak even within a loud pulp and paper mill environment.

As vapors pass through a leak area, they become detectable by high frequency components. When the inspector remains at a safe distance while wearing a headset, they will be able to quickly identify and diagnose the issue.


Steam Trap and Valve Inspection

UE Systems can help an inspector identify a steam trap in all types of environments. Its unique frequency tuning feature allows users to tune into the trap sound and identify the leak or blowing traps.

In addition to steam traps, a similar type of inspection is performed on on/off valves in pulp and paper systems. Leaking valves can be listened to via the ultrasound technology to determine if there is a turbulent flow.


Electrical Inspection

Ultrasound technology is able to detect the high frequency produced by partial discharge, arcing, and corona, which all produce ionization that disturbs air molecules. The specific sound quality of each type of emission is heard via a headset while the intensity of the signal is observed on a display panel.


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