DMSI’s MAI NTelligence system as well as the handheld devices,handheld software, and system drivers

ABB’s KPM line of equipment including sheet break detectors,pulp samplers, and blade, rotary, microwave and optical consistency transmitters

txOne Network’s OT cybersecurity solutions for security inspections, endpoint protection, and network defense

OnDeviceSolutions mobile SAP applications including myJobCard, myWarehouse, myPlanner, myAsset, and myForms

PdMA’s wide range of electric motor testing solutions including portable and permanently installed technology

PureAir’s range of air purification equipment including scrubbers and environmental corrosivity monitors (ECMv2) as well as absorbent media and services that ensure air quality

Hansford Sensors’ leading technology in vibration monitoring hardware including accelerometers and junction boxes

SDT’s state of the art ultrasound technology to predict failures and improve overall reliability

SPN’s remote monitoring and optimizing system for Winders and Paper Machines

Ircon’s electric and gas IR drying systems as well as emitters

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