T5 Group can help you navigate your technological upgrades in your plant. We will help you look at your business, consider your mobility, and implement the right mobile solutions that fit into your business strategy.

When we work to understand the components of your business, we can establish a clear and actionable mobility strategy that is unique to your business and processes. We will provide consultation on SAP mobile platforms, out-of-the-box solutions, and custom solutions that serve your business needs and budget.

With the ODS Software, you’ll have access to:


myJobCard is a mobile work and asset management app that integrates with SAP platforms to offer mobile asset management and field service scenarios. With myJobCard, field technicians can access work and asset information to carry out updates in-the-field. Plus, data will be captured at the point of action and will be directly and seamlessly updated within the SAP system, for complete accuracy.


myWarehouse is a mobile inventory and warehouse management app that enables the quick processing of goods and the management of inventory. With myWarehouse, you’ll have a reliable, accurate, and real-time view of your inventory levels so you can efficiently control all inventory management tasks throughout receiving, transfers, data entry, and so on. You’ll also be able to minimize manual effort and reduce data entry errors.


With myPlanner, you’ll have access to an easy-to-use scheduling and planning tool. myPlanner consists of an intuitive dashboard that will allow you to focus on priority tasks and easily organize job schedules. Because myPlanner is designed for tablets and mobile devices, you’ll be able to schedule on-the-go, whether you’re online or offline.


Rounding out this comprehensive set of systems is myAsset, which will help you maintain compliance, improve efficiency, reduce asset insurance costs, and reduce taxes. myAsset will help you tag assets and track them through their lifecycle, allowing you to meet accounting best practices for asset management.

At T5 Group, we’re able to deliver products to you that are the most progressive solutions in the field today—and we will help you implement them for seamless employee adoption.

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