ABB helps pulp and paper mills successfully and accurately monitor their equipment status. With reliable break detection, plant managers can know the health of their paper equipment at any moment. The benefits of ABB for the pulp and paper industry are clear: Accurate consistency control, which ultimately benefits your bottom line.


KPM Process Measurements

Innovative solutions for accurate
measurement and process optimization

Successfully manage and
control consistency

ABB's innovative products enable pulp and paper mills to successfully manage and control consistency as well as secure reliable break detection of the paper machine. Our KPM measurement products represent the most progressive solutions in the field.

ABB has key competence concerning applications for consistency transmitters, samplers and sheet break detectors. The products are easy to use, offering several features for minimum maintenance and low cost of ownership. ABB's target is to introduce new revolutionary products to the market continuously to help customers improve their processes. Our KPM product line will help achieve considerable savings on fiber, energy and chemical costs, while improving production efficiency and paper quality. All products are supported by a global network of sales and support offices, which facilitates immediate support according to customers needs.

Reliable sheet break detection

KB2 Fiber-Optic Sheet Break Detector is the new generation sheet break detector with the latest RGB technology and enables 50 percent more light with effective power LED. This allows longer measurement distances and operation in high ambient light conditions. It is the perfect choice for installations in unclean, steamy and high temperature environments or where the space is limited.

KPM KC7 Microwave Consistency Transmitter

KPM KC5 Rotating Consistency Transmitter

KPM KC3 Blade Consistency Transmitter

KPM KC9 Optical Consistency Transmitter

KRA and KRT Retention Measurement

KPM KS Pulp Samplers

KPM KB2 Fiber-Optic Sheet Break Detector

KPM products comprise applications for consistency control, sampling and sheet break detection – and represent the most progressive solutions in the field. All products are supported by ABB's global network of sales, technical support and expert consultancy services.

At T5 Group, we’re able to deliver products to you that are the most progressive solutions in the field today—and we will help you implement them for seamless employee adoption.

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