T5 Group specializes in seamlessly integrating mill operations, providing expert assessments and strategic action plans to optimize workflow. Our comprehensive services span maintenance and reliability, IT and infrastructure, and process controls, implementing industry best practices to maximize operational efficiency. We offer process audits, consultations, startup support, and thorough training services to ensure consistent processes and assist our clients in attaining operational excellence

Services Offered

Maintenance Practice Audits: Evaluating current maintenance practices, procedures, and workflows to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement within an organization’s maintenance operations.

Shutdown Optimization and Management: Strategically planning and managing shutdowns or turnarounds of equipment or facilities to minimize downtime, optimize resources, and ensure efficient execution of maintenance activities.

Technical Documentation: Creating and maintaining detailed technical documentation, manuals, and records related to equipment, processes, and maintenance procedures to facilitate knowledge sharing and compliance.

Preventative Maintenance Program Optimization: Reviewing and refining existing preventative maintenance programs to enhance equipment reliability, reduce unplanned downtime, and extend asset lifespan.

Work Procedures and Safety Plans: Developing and implementing standardized work procedures, safety protocols, and risk management plans to promote a safe working environment and prevent accidents or incidents during maintenance activities.

Best Practice Training and Implementation: Providing training sessions and workshops to educate employees on industry best practices, maintenance techniques, and new technologies, and supporting their implementation within the organization.

Reliability, Planning, and Scheduling Training: Offering training programs focused on improving reliability-centered maintenance practices, enhancing maintenance planning and scheduling processes, and optimizing resource allocation for maintenance tasks.

Assistance with Employee Buy-In: Engaging employees and gaining their commitment and support for maintenance initiatives, processes, and changes through effective communication, training, and involvement in decision-making processes.

With T5 Group, you always have the support and expertise of our team, even after your foundational system has been implemented.

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