T5 Groups DMSI Implementation and Optimization Services

T5 Group's implementation services are designed to accelerate your reliability initiatives, harnessing the experience of seasoned professionals. We prioritize alignment with your objectives, timely project completion, and adherence to budget constraints, enabling you to concentrate on refining processes rather than dealing with future challenges.

Implementation Benefits

We offer customized database solutions tailored to align seamlessly with your EAM/CMMS system. Our services include optimizing existing routes and efficiently incorporating new routes. Additionally, our team specializes in expertly integrating PDM technologies into your operations for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Our Services

Lubrication Management: DMSI Maintelligence includes features for managing lubrication schedules, tracking oil and lubricant usage, and generating reports on lubrication effectiveness. It helps optimize lubrication practices to enhance equipment performance and longevity.

Operator Basic Care: Maintelligence provides training modules and workflows for operator basic care tasks, guiding operators through routine maintenance procedures, inspections, and reporting within the system. This promotes proactive equipment upkeep and reduces reliance on reactive maintenance.

Customized Diagnostics: Maintelligence offers customizable diagnostic tools and analytics capabilities to monitor equipment health indicators, identify anomalies, and trigger alerts or notifications for further investigation. It supports tailored diagnostic solutions to address specific operational challenges.

Fire and Safety Inspections: Maintelligence can incorporate fire and safety inspection checklists, reminders, and documentation features. It helps ensure that fire safety inspections are conducted on schedule, compliance requirements are met, and corrective actions are implemented promptly.

PDM Inspections: DMSI Maintelligence integrates Predictive Maintenance (PDM) technologies such as vibration analysis, thermography, and ultrasound into its monitoring and analysis modules. This allows for proactive PDM inspections, early fault detection, and predictive maintenance scheduling based on equipment condition data.

By leveraging DMSI Maintelligence alongside these services, organizations can streamline maintenance processes, improve equipment reliability, and enhance overall operational efficiency.


T5 Group is a solution-centered and partner-focused company with over 15 years of experience. We have been a dedicated resource for maintenance, reliability, implementation services, and support for customers across the United States.

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