Our centralized database will allow you to have all equipment information for your mill in one place. MAINTelligence™ combines:

Mobile equipment and asset inspections

Integrated condition monitoring

AI-based diagnostics

Asset management

T5 People Process

  • Building the System
  • Training tailored to match
  • the roles of the user
  • Validation
  • Ongoing Support
  • Continuous Improvement

15 group is a solution centered and partner focused company. For more than 15 years TS Group has been a dedicated resource for maintenance, reliability, implementation services, and support for customers across the United States

T5 Group MAINTelligence Operator Basic Care Services

Eighty percent of equipment failures can be detected by the human senses; sight, hearing, smell, feel and taste. Who better to detect changes in equipment but the operator who uses the equipment every day. Early detection will lead to a decrease in downtime

Examples of Digital Operator Checks

  • Process Configuration and Measurement
  • Equipment Condition
  • Process Performance
  • Start up, shutdown, and grade change checklist
  • Shift Walk-down
  • Housekeeping audit
  • Environmental and Safety Compliance
  • Routine equipment adjustments
  • Vessel Integrity

T5 Group MAINTelligence Digital Lubrication Services

Benefits of Integrated Technologies

  • UE Systems Grease Caddy
    • Precision lubrication based on need not quantity
  • Oil Analysis (Shell, Mobil, etc)
    • Automated analysis data transfer and work notifications

Benefits of Integrated Technologies

  • Oil Level Inspections
  • Oil Condition Inspections
  • Oil Sampling
  • Oil Changes
  • Autoluber Inspections (both grease and oil)
  • Grease Tasks (Replenish & Replace)
  • Filter and Breather Inspections and Changes
  • Mechanical Inspections

Get the advantage of all major monitoring technologies within one, single database.

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