The Remote Monitoring, Analysis and Optimization Service covers:

  • Continuous and comprehensive data collection from multiple sources
  • Benchmarking against industry standards and recommendations for performance improvements
  • Automated analysis, anomaly detection, notification and recommended actions
  • Remote and on-site support by a team of experts in drive, automation & process
  • Customized daily and shift reports
  • Incident reporting with expert recommendations
  • On-going knowledge base & easy access to full machine history
  • A suite of tools including a mobile application (MySPN) that allows you in keep in touch with your asset

Stay connected to your asset’s performance

Delivering ROI

  • Improved equipment performance & product quality
  • Early correction of issues affecting equipment productivity and reliability
  • Minimization of unplanned downtime
  • Quick data driven troubleshooting resulting in significant savings
  • Improved allocation of resources & accessibility
  • Effective support to operations & maintenance

Our unique solution delivers effective monitoring and optimization
providing high returns on investment to our clients.

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Stay connected to your asset’s performance

  • Data acquisition optimized for automated analysis
  • Non-intrusive on legacy and new equipment
  • Enhanced connectivity with industry standard protocols
  • Available with a hardware platform to reach up to 5,000 samples/sec/channel
  • Customized Data Analysis
  • Benchmarking against industry standards
  • Based on a selection of proven analysis modules
  • Detailed reporting with expert specific recommendations for improving asset performance
  • Prioritized plan of actions
  • Close collaboration with mill assisting in implementing the recommendations
  • Validation of the results of the implemented recommendations
  • Continuous monitoring, analysis and anomaly detection
  • Automated alerts with specific recommendations
  • Customized daily and shift reports
  • Incident reporting with expert recommendations
  • On demand expert assistance
  • And much more …

Effective Support, Peace of Mind

Your asset performance is our top priority. Continuous production and consistent high quality of output are key, and our service helps ensure you can achieve that.

Our expertise and experience of 35+ years combined with our technology and tools enable us to provide a unique solution that brings peace of mind.

Our Remote Monitoring, Analysis & Optimization service is very efficient and effective in identifying production issues before they become problematic and thereby avoid costly downtime.

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