KPM KC3 Blade Consistency Transmitter

Reliable, damage resistant transmitter
KPM KC3 provides reliable and maintenance-free measurement. With its patented, shock resistant and seal-less transfer mechanism, KPM KC3 is the only transmitter in the market with no moving parts. It also boasts titanium parts for the wetted areas and an unbreakable diaphragm to stop process from entering transmitter.
Measures a wide consistency
KPM KC3 fits all applications, measuring a consistency range of 2-16 percent. Plus, the unique and highly-sensitive eddy probe accurately measures shear force.
Remote display unit
Remote display unit can be mounted to any desirable location. It has a large display and intuitive, menu-driven user interface, which features simple set-up, calibration and troubleshooting functions.
Simple calibration
One-touch calibration sequencing makes sampling, set-up and calibration easy. Built-in features include: time-stamping of samples for later evaluation and calibration, calibration calculation with multiple points and statistics, and remote selections for different pulp grades.
Low installation and lifetime costs
The installation is done via standard stainless steel mounting saddles, with titanium options available for upgrade. Service requirements are low because of the seal-less transfer mechanism with no moving parts or O-rings. All parts are field changeable without shutting down the process and emptying the process line.
Sensor type
Blade consistency transmitter
Output signal
2 -wire, 4 - 20 mA + HART®,
Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA with optional converter
Measuring range
2 - 8% with standard blade
6 - 16% with medium consistency blade
2 - 3% with low consistency blade 2 - 8% with recycled unscreened blade
Better than 0.01 % Cs
Process pressure
Max. 25 bar
Process temperature
0 - 120 °C
Ambient temperature

0 - 65 °C

Storage temperature
-50…+80 °C
Flow velocity
0.5 - 5 m/s (1.6 - 16 ft/s) standard blade
0.5 - 5 m/s (1.6 - 16 ft/s) medium consistency blade
0.5 - 5 m/s (1.6 - 16 ft/s) low consistency blade
0.5 - 5 m/s (1.6 - 16 ft/s) recycled unscreened blade
Transmitter 2.3 kg (5 lbs), Display unit 2.2 kg (4.9 lbs)
Process connection
Clamp connection to NS70 mounting saddle. Saddle welded onto process pipe. All required hardware included with the transmitter.
Process pipe size
100 mm (4“) diameter or larger
All wetted parts titanium or Stainless steel. Mounting gaskets PTFE, Mounting saddle SS316L, SMO, Duplex, Titanium or FRP
Low voltage & emc
IEC 6100-4-3 and CISPR 11
Enclosure class
Sensor unit IP 66 (better than NEMA 4X), Display unit IP65 (NEMA 4X)
1 - 99 sec.
Memory for 10 samples (FIFO). Built-in calibrator.
Build in curves
Seven (7) built-in calibration curves for softwood, hardwood, TMP, CTMP, groundwood, recycled, eucalyptus + one (1) user specific.
Binary inputs
Three (3) to select calibration curve and one (1) for sample button.