PdMA is advancing the motor testing world even further by announcing the release of the PdMAEYE permanently installed technology for motor testing—a 24-hour system that provides vital information while the motor runs. With the PdMAEYE watching your motors 24 hours every day you can focus your limited resources and attention on other priorities.
Powered by PdMA’s MCEGold® software, you will be warned of changes in the condition of your critical motor. Immediately following an event you will be notified, prompting you to sign on to the MCEGold analysis software to confirm the condition. Red or yellow color-coded alarms identify any test data that is outside the acceptance criteria.
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Multi Test Functions
  • Communication
  • Simultaneous Acquisition
  • Simple Setup
  • Data Checking
  • Restart Capable
  • Safe

Fault Zone Analysis

Electric motors can be complex and difficult to diagnose and we understand this. That is why PdMA® Corporation utilizes the Six Fault Zone approach for analyzing electric motors. The PdMAEYE provides comprehensive data for five specific fault zones (Power Quality, Power Circuit, Stator, Rotor, and Air gap), thus providing you with the knowledge to make key decisions regarding your electric motors.

Power Circuit

Power Quality



Air Gap

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